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Chestech Digital Ltd is a leading global expert in latest ICT Innovation. An ICT company specializes in Multi-user Computing. One of the leaders in global developer and distributor of Thin Computing Solutions (TCS) that reduce The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of IT Operations. We take advantage of today‘s computers that are so powerful with vast majority of applications only using a small fraction of the computer’s capacity. We also emerge as best Africa traveling agent company.

We are expert in the following

Work Study and live Abroad.

When you want to travel abroad to work, study or vacation. Chestech Digital is the right place to be! Our service are legit and real as you don't pay until your visa is out.

Jamb Cbt Installation

We have install 275 computer system network via lan for over 130 CBT centers across the country (Nigeria).

Car Tracker

Our tracker can work with or without internet, with our tracker you can:
OFF/ON Car engine
Know Car location
Listen to conversation in your car

School Portal, E-learning

We design and develop all kind of school website, e-learning facilities, Student result processing system, payment website etc.


Who We Are

Let Guide You To Achieve Success

We strive to help our clients do great work through the limitless solutions we offer. Our goal is to be the best ICT provider in Africa. We want to be recognized by our employees, customers, shareholders and partners as being the best ICT Company to do business with. We consistently create and develop our own Intellectual Property in conjunction with our global partners and strive to make these our own within the markets we operate.

Awesome People

Team Members

CHESTECH DIGITAL as a leading ICT company is managed by a team of highly motivated professionals, with combined key staff experience of over 17 years in the industry. That simply represents a lot of experience that translates into value for our clients. This is therefore, an assurance that CHESTECH DIGITAL is more than competent to execute any project related to ICT industry. They are empowered with modern concepts for the development and management of our relationships with allegiance and commitment to providing superior value in our products and services. These, we do on a continuous basis with a clear focus on end users’ needs and satisfaction.


Dr. Eleazar O. Eleazar

Dr. Eleazar O. Eleazar is the Director of the company. He is a highly skilled and creative programmer and Technologist, who as an ICT Specialist has worked with IT firms, within and Outside Nigeria. He has sound knowledge of latest ICT innovation and good research background.


Engr. Emeka Paul

Engr. Emeka Paul Is the Chief Technology Officer of the company; he is a software engineer with extensive field experience in business intelligence, Software development, website design, Graphics etc having worked with software companies within and outside Nigeria. He holds BSc Software Engineering, Malaysia and  M.Sc. Software Engineering Singapore


Mr. Eze Daniel

Mr. Eze Daniel is the Chief Network Administrator of the company; he holds HND and B.sc in Computer Science and PGD in ICT. He is versatile and highly experienced in Networking, Systems Engineering, and Network Administration with lots of Professional Certifications in Networking.


Mr Bola K Olaruwaju

Mr Bola K Olaruwaju  is Network Administrator of the company; he is very experience in network security and communication having worked in different capacity as network administrator and have established countless CBT and ICT centers across Nigeria. Mr. Bola has many professional  certifications to his credit